Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lincoln Infographic | Stephanie Berry

Lincoln Infographic © Stephanie Berry 2015
A large-format interpretative chronology of the assassination of US President Abraham Lincoln, designed by Stephanie Berry, graphic design student, Department of Art, University of Northern Iowa, 2015.


Slim Collier (bartender), quoted in Studs Terkel, Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression. NY: Random House, 1970, p. 119—

I was born in Waterloo [IA]. A great deal of Iowa, southern Iowa, particularly, didn't have electricity until the end of World War II. I was eleven years old before I lived in a house with running water.


Kitty McCulloch, quoted by Studs Terkel, ibid., p. 55—

[One day during the Depression] This one man came in—it was right before Christmas. My husband had a very nice suit, tailored. It was a black suit with a fine white pin-stripe in it. He put it to one side. I thought he didn't like the suit. I said to this man, "Your clothes are all ragged. I think I have a nice suit for you." So I gave him the suit.

The following Sunday my husband was to go to a wake. He said, "Where's my good suit?" And I said, "Well, Daddy, you never wore it. I—well, it's gone." He said, "Where is it gone to?" I said, "I gave it to a man who had such shabby clothes. Anyway, you got three other suits and he didn't have any. So I gave it to him." He said, "You're the limit, Mother."