Thursday, September 22, 2016

CD Portfolio Package | Heidi Schmidt

© Heidi Schmidt 2015
Above CD portfolio package design by graphic design student Heidi Schmidt (2015) at the University of Northern Iowa.


Lady Isabella Gregory, in Lennox Robinson, ed., Lady Gregory's Journals 1916-1930. New York: MacMillan, 1947, p. 205—

He [Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw] talked afterwards of what [Victorian poet] Wilfrid Blunt had written of [Arts and Crafts designer] William Morris and of his being without love for anyone (except his invalid daughter), and said it is so often with men immersed in their work, they have no room for another strong affection. The first time he saw Mrs. Morris [Jane Burden Morris] it was a shock. She was lying full length on a sofa, her long limbs covered, and looked death-like—like clay. He was trying the other day if he could remember anything she had ever said and could not, except that one day when he had taken a second helping of some pudding, she said, "You seem to like that pudding," and when he answered "Yes," she said, "There is suet in it." That word, aimed at his vegetarianism, is all he can remember.