Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drawing Fried Eggs

From Henry Adams, Victor Schrekengost and 20th-Century Design. Cleveland OH: Cleveland Museum of Art / University of Washington Press, 2001. p. 10—

[In the 1920s, among the drawing instructors at the Cleveland Institute of Art was Frank Wilcox, one of whose assignments] was to fry eggs in the classroom and then make drawings of them. When the students were done, he would hold up one of the drawings and ask the class what it meant. "How far did the egg run out? How high did the yoke stand? How brown were the edges?" With a hot skillet the eggs would flow out less far and have a smaller perimeter. If it was too hot the edges would burn. A fresh egg will stand up higher than a stale one. With a little practice one could look at the drawing and figure out the heat of the burner and the freshness of the egg. As Victor [Schrekengost] recalls, "He taught us to see."