Monday, June 3, 2013

Miami Art Deco Postage | Cody Russell

Design © Cody Russell (2013)

Above Hypothetical postage stamp by graphic design student Cody Russell, commemorating historic Art Deco architecture in Miami.


Elizabeth Pringle (aka Patience Pennington). A Woman Rice Planter. New York: Macmillan, 1905—

Mrs. R., one of the loveliest women in our community, was struck by lightning during the storm last evening. She had always had a great terror of lightning, though in every other respect she was a fearless woman, so that her family always gathered round her during a storm and tried as much as possible to shut out the sight and sound. On this occasion her husband and daughter were sitting one on each side of her on an old-fashioned mahogany sofa, she with her handkerchief thrown over her face. When the fatal flash came the husband and daughter were thrown forward to the floor and were stunned; as soon as they recovered consciousness they turned to reassure the mother as to their not being seriously hurt. She was still sitting straight up on the sofa with the handkerchief over her face; they lifted the handkerchief as they received no answer and found life extinct…There was only one small spot at the back of the neck.