Saturday, August 22, 2015

Comic Art Exhibit | Jared Rogness

Poster for Jared Rogness exhibit (2015)
Above Beginning tomorrow and continuing for two weeks (August 23 through September 5, 2015) is an exhibition of about twenty large-sized pages of exquisitely drawn and constructed comic art by Jared Rogness, an Iowa-born (and now California-based) illustrator.

We've blogged about him once before in reference to his magazine short story illustrations. For a better sense of the quality of his current work, see the detail posted below. We've known about and admired Jared's work for a long time, and in fact had the pleasure to work with him in the late 1990s and later, when he was a student in the Department of Art, University of Northern Iowa.

In his student days, he was known on campus as e-Chicken, by which pseudonym he published in the student newspaper some of the most biting (and hilarious) captioned cartoons about the ills of American life. Our nation being more sickly now than perhaps ever before (recall the recent Republican Presidential Primary Debate), we wonder what e-Chicken's insights would be.

Drawing detail © Jared Rogness (2015)
Postscript: Below also are photos of some of the students who came to look at Jared's work. One indication of  the popularity of an exhibit is the number of exhibit posters that disappear from the hallways, and end up on students' walls. This one set a record.